Jack Serafin, A classmate and friend of Jackie Wilson,

Notified us that during a search to find Jackie,

he discovered that Jackie had passed away in 2010.

We thought it to be a tribute to remember:

"Jackie Wilson"



Jackie's Obituary





John Marchisio's 1961 Rule Book





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Partial 1987 Lebanon Valley 200 Battle between Jimmy Horton and Brett Hearn.



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 4/5/2014 Inky Baldwin 2/8/2014 Jimmy Langenback. Dave Guerrieri sent in a large group of Jimmy photos and stories. Nice read.1/25/2014 Steve Chatterton 1/11/2014 Mike"Magic Shoes" McLaughlin 12/28.2013 Donnie Downes 12/14/2012 Wayne Jelley, Charlie Frank, Frank Hodge, Bob Montesi 11/9/2013 Freddie Besch 9/21/2013 Alton Palmer, Jack Halloran 8/31/2013 Len Haggerty, Bob Heald, Rick Bushey, Tommy Corellis Jr., John Semrod 8/18/2013 Woody Thibodeau, Bob Kudlate, Unknown Car 11.


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4/5/2014 Harold Montanye 3/1/2014 John Flach, Bob Gaskill, Link Petit, Link Petit Jr. Eddie Webb. 1/25/2014  Link Petit Sr., Dickie Larkin, Barry Cone, Claude Hoard, and Jimmy Langenback. 1/11/2014 Dudley Billings, Buddy Palmer 12/28/2013 Rich Ricci Sr., Dickie Larkin, Barry Cone, Kenny Tremont. 11/23/2013 Donny Wetmore 11/9/2013 Frank Hoard Sr.,  Gene Bik, Butch Jelley 9/21/2013 John Hotchkiss, Dickie Larkin, Pat Sweeney, Garry Waters 8/18/2013 Walt McKay, Doug Garrison, JB Winters.


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Inky Baldwin


Gary Cross,
Denny Young &
Dave Healy all correctly guessed Inky Baldwin.


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