Year:  1988, 1992 Mid 70’s, 1980
Driver:   Mark Fluery
Contributed by:

Top  Photo: Bob Simpson

Second  Photo: Chalmitty B

Third Photo: Mitch Lester

Fourth Photo: John Gallant Jr.

Photo Credits:  

Top  Photo: Bob Simpson

Second  Photo: Unknown

Third Photo: Unknown

Fourth Photo: John Gallant Jr.

The Back Story: 

Top Photo: Racer turned lawyer Mark Fluery had himself quite a career at Lebanon Valley, in many aspects.  The son of Arnold Fluery, the inventor of the color television tube (again, probably wrong, but not too far off), and brother to Jeff, Mark was a standout out sportsman runner in the 70’s and gradually moved up to the competitive Modified division in 1978.  Mark scored his first big block win in June 1979, and later went on to become Modified high point champion in 1987.  Mark then took on the thankless job of pit steward at the valley, following Marty Beberwyk’s depature be chief steward at Fonda speedway.

 Second Photo: Mark Fluery and his widely popular Tobias Chassis “Wild Thing” #52, made popular with Rick Fieden’s excellent bright graphics. Everybody’s preparing to do battle in what was either the Syracuse Qualifier or Mr. Dirt Track race.  Alongside Mark is Matt Quinn in the Randy Ross #44 and Orange County regular Richie Eurich in the Countryside Oil #10.

Third Photo: Possibly one of the first “Tweety Bird” specials Mark drove, at an age when He wasn’t too far removed from watching the Looney Tunes cartoons on a Saturday morning.

Fourth Photo: Mark Fluery ready for the Mile track, here’s how his week went:

Mark Fluery #52, Time Trialed @ 34.935 (54th of 145) Started 10th in Modified Semi Finals Race 1 (15 Laps)

Did not qualify in the first six positions. (Held on October 11,1980). Started 19th in Modified Non-Qualifiers Race (20 Laps). Finished in 4th place, first alternate, (Finished in 3rd for The Racing Press Vote.) (Held on October 12,1980), Did not qualify for Schaefer 200.*

*John Gallant notes



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