Year:  19??, 19??, 1973, 1980, 1975, 1975, 1972 or 73, 1966, 1980, 1984
Driver:   Russ Blake
Photos Contributed by:  

Top Photo: Bobby Ely

Second Photo: Debbie Frusciente Fannon

Third Photo: Big Pete

Fourth Photo: Anonymous

Fifth Photo: Charlie Parise

Sixth Photo: Charlie Parise

Seventh Photo: Hotrod

Eighth Photo: Bobby Ely

Ninth Photo: Russ Blake

Tenth Photo: John Gallant Jr.

Eleventh Photo: Harriet Knox

Photos Credits:  

Top Photo: Chuck Ely

Second Photo: Debbie Frusciente Fannon

Third Photo: Chuck Ely

Fourth Photo: Track Photographer

Fifth Photo: Unknown

Sixth Photo: Unknown

Seventh Photo: Matt Buda

Eighth Photo: Chuck Ely

Ninth Photo: Mary Blake

Tenth Photo: John Gallant Jr.

Eleventh Photo: Unknown

The Back Story:

Top Two: Out of Pittsfield MA, Russ picked up a couple wins in this old beauty.

Third: Who ever thought Russ Blake was such a pioneer to all these guys today?Russ was one of the first to put his name through his number way back in 1973.The trend kicked back up quite a few years ago when the late model boys started plastering their last names through their digits, and now it seems more frequent for racers to have their names soaking in the numerals than not.

Sure is a nice looking coach though, huh?, and I bet she weighed less than 4000 lbs too (slightly)

Fourth: From 1980, a couple of real sharp looking modifieds, those of Russ Blake and Dickie Larkin

More photos of Russ in Gallery.

Fifth: Bruce Bergers #26 Pinto Station wagon, which was piloted by Russ Blake, is flanked by crew members (fr. L to R) Gerry Coppola, Charlie Parise & Dickie Williams.Quite impressive is that after 25+ years, Charlie and Dickie are still actively involved at Lebanon Valley.Charlie houses and helps maintain JR Heffnerís current car, while Dickie aids Bruceís nephew Brian Berger on Saturdays, and assists on JRís car when needed.

Sixth: Blake in front of the Berger owned #26

Seventh: Russ Blake in the Bruce Berger Olsen #26 and Win Slavin, hot off his amazing August of that year, duel early in the Lebanon Valley 200.

See Russ running hot laps.

Eighth: We always said Russ Blake takes the cake, and this picture proves it!This sugary confection was presented to Russ from his popular fan club which boasted some decent numbers.The names on the hot suede coats doesnít match the people though, as flanking Russ to his left is Club member Linda Stanton and Russís sister Linda Duzlak, who you might recognize the name as being the wife of mini stock/SS driver Bob Duzlak Sr.

Ninth: In between the #92ís and the #29ís (see what Russ did there?) The silver fox sported this sleek looking, silver #400. Russ Bought this car from Stan Wetmore in 1965. Itís the #77 that John Flach Sr. won the 1962 championship with. Being possibly that He wasnít of age yet, Stan owned the car, Flach Sr. just drove it.What a way to start out a young career.

Tenth: The Berger owned #26 at the Moody Mile, with longstanding Blake friend/Family member Gerry Coppola sitting on the left front.Hereís how Russís SDW went:

Russ Blake #26, Time Trialed @ 35.103 (62nd of 145 ) Started 13th in Modified Semi Finals Race 2 (15 Laps)

Did not qualify in the first six positions. (Held on October 11,1980) Started 21st in Modified Non-Qualifiers Race (20 Laps) Held on October 12,1980. Did not finish in top four positions. Did not qualify for Schaefer 200.*

*John Gallant notes

 Eleventh: Looks like heading into turn three, and by the look of Russ in the cockpit, looks like that yellow is going out and they will be ready to let it loose.

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