Year:  Top: 1974 Second: 1978 Third: Unknown
Driver:   Will Cagle


Photo Contributed by: 

Top Photo: Krusj

Second Photo: Debbie Frusciente Fannon

Third Photo: Aintgotime4this


Photo Credits:  

Top Photo: Krusj

Second Photo: Unknown

Third Photo: Hertica Photo

The Back Story: 

Top Photo: The Tampa Terror, Wiley Will Cagle tears through the turn 3 pit area to grab some LV clay before the evening warm-ups conclude.  Must be some form of non-regular Saturday night show, as certainly, that side of the pit area would be full if it were.

Second Photo: We know very little about this shot of Will given to us by Joe Frusciente's daughter Debbie. Any Ideas?

Third Photo: Wily Will brought this well-traveled piece to the 200-don't remember if it was his primary car or a backup.

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