Year:  1985, 1983 or 84
Driver:   Wayne Iffland
Photo Contributed by:

Top: John Gallant Jr.

Second: John Gallant Jr.


Photo Credits:

Top: John Gallant Sr.

Second: John Gallant Sr.

The Back Story:

Top Photo: Many remember Pete Leclairís Dad, Shorty Leclair turning the high banks in his #71 Volkswagon bug mini stock 71, quite successfully I might add.As with most kids watching their Dad race, Pete Leclair was bitten by the racing bug himself, and ran the Sportsman/358 division at LV in the 80ís.Iím pretty sure Pete notched a win or two in his always immaculate cars, but I canít confirm that as LV doesnít have the Sportsman/358 division win tallies on their website.

Second Photo: Every racer needs to get his feet wet when first getting into racing, and the first photo, our previous Mystery Driver Wayne Iffland got his start in this yellow machine.Iím guessing it was outdated by that days standards.

So the Wayne realized you need good equipment to get around Lebanon Valley, and got this Troyer car to compete with the Corellisís and Tremontís.Wayne lasted a few years at LV, but Iím guessing like most otherís, the expense was probably too much and He got out of the sport Iím sure He still loved.





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