Year:  1970? Last: 1973
Driver:   Vern Maynard
Contributed by: Scott Kurtzner Photo Credits:   Kurtzner Family
The Back Story:

Iím sure Lou Kurtzner would have to agree, they had better road trips than this one to Fonda Speedway in 1973.When I asked Scott if he recalled what happened to bend this beauty up so bad, he said ďVern Maynard did it, in turn 1, when a light pole got in the way after getting airborne and flew into itĒ.

Of interesting note, one which I didnít know, how many remember Cousin Clem, LVís clown so many of us LV kids used to enjoy?Cousin Clem was none other than Vern Maynard.I donít know many of the details, but sadly Vern lost his life in a highway accident in the late 70ís.

The good looking Gremlin of Lou Kurtzner with driver Vern Maynard, much before the Fonda light pole incident.



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