Year:  19??, 1969?
Driver:   Tom Lentine*
Photo Contributed by:  

Top Photo:  Bobby Ely

Second Photo: Mitch Lester

Photo Credits:  

Top Photo: Chuck Ely

Second Photo: Unknown

The Back Story:

Top Photo: Sportsman Hot Show Tom Lentine scores one of his many wins back in the 60ís and 70ís.  After a considerable layoff Tom returned to the Valley Sportsman division back when the class was brought back in 1987, and most memorable suffered a nasty flip down the backstretch.

Second Photo: I thought this was a grand slam w/ Tom Lentine as said driver myself, but LVC regular Bill C. thought it could be Danny Sanchez*, as his friend Sammy Barlow informed Bill that Danny Sanchez purchased the car from Lentine, and ran it as is, sooo.......


Additional Comments:  

The white and Maroon 3 was owned by Don Brown from Voorheesville, NY
It was basically a freshen up and modified version of the yellow 3 in the other picture.
At the end of the season Tommy got the car and I kept the motor. No one else 
drove this car but Tommy. If anyone bought it they would not have left my name on it.
~Don Brown


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