Year:  1984
Driver:   Tim Dwyer
Photo Contributed by:

Top: John Gallant Jr.


Photo Credits:

Top: John Gallant Sr.

The Back Story:


At the point this picture was taken, Tim Dwyer was strictly a Fonda Speedway regular and hadnít spent much time on the high banks at all.Flash forward 15 years later and a much more seasoned and talented pilot, Tim Dwyer stormed onto the Lebanon Valley scene aboard the well heeled Jody Gable machineís wrenched by Jocko and turned heads right away.While Tim never crossed the finish line first that year, not too many did as 1999 was the year Kenny Tremont totally dominated the season winning something like 17 features, but Timís smooth style and consistency garned him a very respectable 2nd place in points that year.

Tim eventually went on to score a few wins at Lebanon Valley aboard his familiar family owned 1aís after his stint w/ Gable ended.





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