Year:  1968
Driver:   Tag Brod
Photo Contributed by:  

Arnie Ainsworth

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The Back Story: 

 Tag Brod owned and operated Valley Speed Parts & was the original man behind the 37 cars before Hellwig and Doug Garrison made the #37 wildly popular.  A few sharp eyed LVC visitors took notice of the name Dan Ashley on the side of the #37. He was the automatic transmission teacher at Hudson Valley Community College.

Aintgotime4this spotted the #50 in the background and had this to add to the picture; “Something that I am quite sure of though, is that the #50 seen in the background is a Henry J bodied car owned by Joe Norton and driven by Neale Dunstan”.  “You guys are really Awesome too!!”.  (OK, we may have made the last part up!?)


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