Year:  1978
Driver:   Sue Curley
Photo Contributed by:  Hotrod Photo Credits:  LV Program
The Back Story: 

Sue Curley was a pioneer at LV, as she was one of the first ladies to regularly compete with the boys at Howie’s playground.  The car, many will recognize, was a former Don Ackner Sportsman mount, that Sue purchased and proceeded to paint pink.  I remember Sue having a gremlin I believe, & Uncle Art making a big deal out of the fact Sue painted the stripes on the car with nail polish.  Now whether this was true or not is to be determined, but one thing is for sure, quite possibly influenced by Janet Guthrie’s efforts, LV back in the 70’s was well represented by female throttle jockeys that included Mitzi Hart, Laura Gerhardt and Kathy Tremont among others, pictured here.



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