Year:  1985
Driver:   Steve Dyer
Photos Contributed by:    Hotrod Photo Credits:    Hotrod's Mom
The Back Story: 

Mystery Driver # 18

Otis MA had some talented racers for such a tiny little hamlet, and Steve Dyer was no exception.  Steve was arguably a driver who possessed the most raw talent of anybody to ever pilot a Street Stock at Lebanon, he was as exciting on the track as he was intimidating off it.  Steve stood about 6’ 5”, and for fear of getting pummeled, let’s just say he was “stout”.  But in all honesty, as big guys usually go, he was the most easy going and friendliest guy you could ever meet, and drive?, He sure could!  If you were a fan of the SS division back in the 80’s, it was hard not to appreciate the skills he possessed on his way to the front each and every week.

Steve later moved up into the Sportsman division, collecting 2 wins along the way before leaving the Berkshires behind and starting over in North Carolina in the very early 90’s.


Additional Comments:  

Here's who got this weeks MD correct.
Dale Weeks
Stephen Forward
Bert Poland
"Super Steve" Fifield and his lovely Mom, Marilyn, with
NO help from the dastardly duo of Chrissy and Rod Fifield!


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