Year:  Top; 60's Second; 1973 or 74
Driver/Owner:   Skip Grant
Photo Contributed by:  Tim Mooney Photo Credits:  Unknown
The Back Story: 

The pink coupe # 1 pictured here was owned by Skip Grant , and had Larry Faulkner as the driver. The guy working on the car is Porky Bingham, and along with Skip are brother-in-laws to photo  provider Tim Mooney. I believe that's a 1965 Galaxie in the shot so my guess is later 60's.

The picture of the # 7 is another car of Skip Grants, & that’s Skip and his daughter Kerri pictured here. Kerri and Skip now live in Star NC, the picture did not have a date on it, but Kerri is going to turn 40 this year and looks to be about 3 or 4 in this picture. (the crack staff at LVC (2) expertly deduced that this picture is from about ’73 or ’74 with said information given, yes we are that sharp).

Skip was a long time employee at Lebanon Valley , before moving to North Carolina.



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