Year:  Top 19?? Second 196? Third: 1974? Fourth: July 1972 Fifth: 1975
Driver:   Ron Mensing
Photos Contributed by:  

Top: Bob Ely

Second: Charlie Parise

Fourth: Dave Healey

Fifth: Arnie Ainsworth

Photos Credits:  

Top: Ely Photos

Second: Unknown

Fourth: Unknown

Fifth: Unknown

The Back Story: 

Top: Another car that makes the memories of the good old days at LV as a very young kid even more special.  The Indian Ron Mensing piloting the Bedell 3

Second: Mystery Driver # 26 Not too much to say about this picture of Ron Mensing, since I know nothing about the car’s history or anything.  Great addition to LVC though.

Third: Sharp looking Bedell #3.  What’s up with the water in the pits?  Were they flooded or was Howie watering them down to keep the dust at a minimum?  Also, I like the old calcium spreader at work, and how Uncle Art always used to explain why it was needed, and the non-presence of a lap counter, I could have swore it was always there as a kid.

Fourth: I just always loved this car, and as our friend at LVC Bill Chuckta said about this era, “real cars, real men”.  Amen.

Fifth: I can never have enough pictures of the Bedell/Mensing #3 on LVC.  These always sharp and fast looking cars (This Haefner Signs gem) is no exception.


Additional Comments:  

MD #26.

We had a few guess on this weeks MD, Some were thrown off by the what looks like blue car, and the #65, and thought it was Johnny Wood, but it is indeed none other than Ron Mensing.
Arnie Ainsworth got it right, but the real trouble started when his wife Mary chimed in with John Wood.  We're guessing Arnie rubbed it in her face, and spent a wonderful night on the couch.



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