Year:  1990's
Driver:   Roger Horvath
Photo Contributed by:  Hotrod Photo Credits:   Hotrod
The Back Story: 

Roger Horvath tackles Syracuse in his always immaculate Ridgeview Auto Body #79’s.  Many know that Roger’s racing career was interrupted when an off track motorcycle accident paralyzed the enthusiastic speedster from the legs down.  When most would accept the role of life in a wheelchair, Roger refused to let that incident stop him continuing his love for racing.  We’re not talking an ordinary challenge here that would see him strap himself into the comfort of his familiar modifieds, but one that saw him tackle an even bigger challenge in that of a Sprint Car he modified to utilize hand controls.  The word inspiration gets used more than Howie’s French fry grease, but Roger truly was, and is an inspiration to all of us who need to overcome anything even remotely negative, When He accomplished more after his accident than most of us do in our entire lifetime.

Does anybody know what Roger Horvath is up to these days??


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