Year:  1985, 1985
Driver:   R.J. Butterfield
Photo Contributed by: 

Top: Andy Skumin

Second Scott Kurtzner

Photo Credits: 

Top: A. Skumin photo

Second: Unknown

The Back Story: 


Top: The popular Racerama car show in Springfield MA was the place to showcase your pristine equipment for the upcoming season, and RJ Butterfield must have been as proud as a peacock with this Rick Fieden hand lettered creation.  RJ was one of the few early graduates from the “Spectator” division to the 320 Modifieds, along with Steve Mabey, Jim Rajczi and Art Collins among others.  RJ was always fast didn’t last all too long in the expensive 320 division, and if memory serves me right, this cars end, and possibly RJ’s career came to an end after Dave leckonby totaled this car in a violent crash.

Second:  Another great shot of the Butterfield #34 painted by Scott’s Dad.



Additional Comments:   Scott Kurtzner pointed out that his father painted this sharp looking ride, as you can clearly see “NUBODY” auto on the rear quarterpanel.


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