Year:  Mid 70's
Driver:   Ovide Doiron
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Top: John Gallant Jr.


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Top: Unknown

The Back Story:


If the car looks like a Dexter Dorr car, thatís because it is/was a Dexter Dorr car if Iím not mistaken.Obviously an outsider, Ovide was from Canada, but liked the Dexter Dorr craftsmanship so much, he bought the cars off of Dexter.

John Gallant Jr. added this info from the site: Ovide is being inducted into the DIRT Hall of Fame as a pioneer in racing in 2012. He now is 72 yrs of age. Born on 9-22-1940, from Shediac, New Brunswick, Canada.

In 1974, he purchased a Dexter Dorr car and picked up 38 feature wins at a combination of tracks, Kingston, Brockville, Cornwall, Watertown, Can-Am and Fort Covington. It was Fort Covington's final year of operation and he won 18 of the 20 shows. In one of the feature events, he was approaching the finish line and was clipped by a lap car, sending him into the guard rail, then up and backward across the line, tearing down the flag stand landing wheels down on the track and declared the winner. It was from this incident that he received the nick name of "The Flying Frenchman."


Gary Cross also added some info on Ovide: Dexter and I, with help from Ralph Palmer, built that coupe in winter of '71-'72. We could run both a small block for the Valley and a big block for Syracuse. We had 5th fastest time at 1st Schaefer 100 in '72 out of over 100 cars. We built a 2nd coupe almost identical only it never had a small block when we had it. Valley went to big blocks in '73 or '74. Notice difference in 4 and zero. We ran 44's on these. By the way second car was bought later by Marcel LaFrance. In the photo there's a fellow in sunglasses eating popcorn. I'm 99% sure that's Herman Green from Rennselear. Herman helped out Bill Schroeder and also ran 358's a few times in one of Bill's cars.



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