Year:  1984
Driver:   Mike Malloy
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Top: John Gallant Jr.


Photo Credits:

Top: John Gallant Sr.

The Back Story: 


 Mike Malloy was always a well respected low budget racer who was good on not only his own equipment, but those that raced against him.  What triggers me the most about Mike Malloy and this car was the fact that the car was numbered 88 because when they took ownership of their brand new Troyer chassis, it was stamped #88 as it was the 88th Dirt Mud Bus Troyer had produced to date.  For all were around back then, getting a new Troyer chassis more than upped your chances for running better.  The Midnight Express of John Hewitt comes to mind, His first foray into Dirt Modified racing was with an old Don Ackner mount, but once He strapped into the new Mud Bus, He was an instant contender, finishing I think 4th the first night out with it, by and far his best run to date at that time.  Also a very young Kenny Tremont was moved up to the top driver in the Tremont race team in 1982, when Chuck Ely retired.  They outfitted Kenny with a new Troyer, He went out and won his very first feature right off the bat, and won the points championship that year with the new equipment.





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