Year:  1988, 1986
Driver:   “Kingfish” Mike King
Photo Contributed by:  

Top Photo: Andy Skumin

Second Photo: BC Designs

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Top Photo: A. Skumin photo

Second Photo: BC Designs

The Back Story: 


 Top Photo: I forget who owned the triple 000 that Mike is shoeing here aboard this experimental Schwinning Chassis at Syracuse back in 1988, but Anybody who has ever met Mike King, and most LV regulars have, Like Mike King.  This is a testament to a hard working man who has through thick and thin been a steady regular at Lebanon Valley from since back in the Mid 70’s.  Even a bizarre incident during the running of the LV 200 back in the early 80’s that left Mike with a badly broken leg didn’t dampen his love for the speedway and the following year he soldiered on competing in the sport he loved.

After all those years of competition, and some painstakingly close calls, Mike had never tasted victory lane at LV, but all that changed in quite possibly one of thee most deserved and popular wins in the history at Lebanon Valley when Kingfish finally brought home his familiar #55 across the finish line first on 8/15/05 for his first Big Block win!  I will guarantee, not one fan, competitor or otherwise left the speedway that night not feeling good for the man who exemplifies what it is to be dedicated to & respected by the tight knot LV crowd.

Second Photo: Ah yes, another decent tradition that has gone by the wayside, the season kick off car show  the week before warm-ups at the LV clubhouse.  Here the Kingfish was doing his part to promote the speedway and his sponsors.


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