Year:  1971 August 1972, 1984
Driver:   Mike Dolan
Photo Contributed by:  

Top Photo: Hot Rod

Second and Third Photos: Dave Healey

Photo Credits:  

Top Photo: LV program/Dirt Trackin Magazine

Second and Third Photos: Chuck Ely Photos

The Back Story: 

Top Photo: Popular Mike Dolan secures a win aboard his self owned 72 early in his career, once again showing he always had the necessary skills to get the job done in any division he ran.

Second Photo: Score one for the little guys as Walt McKay scored his first win of any kind, this one as an owner with Mike Dolan behind the wheel of his 311.  Walt would later go on to knock off 2 wins in the sportsman class in 1990 & 91.

Third Photo: Longtime LV Veteran Mike Dolan didn’t get to spend very much time behind the wheel of this “Shoestring Special” #72, as only a few weeks into her maiden voyage, disaster struck the limited budget team.  While trying to get the bugs worked out their pristine new Troyer Mudd Bus in a heat race, Mike and Barry Cone got together with the end result Mike barrel rolling the machine a few times coming out of turn 2.

This set the team back quite a few weeks, and by the time the team got the finances together, the season was almost over.

Gentleman Mike went on to a very successful sportsman career, scoring numerous victories and consistent runs in Eddie Simonek’s #26.

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