Top: August 1969

Second: 19??

Third: 1974

Fourth: 19??

Fifth: 1974

Sixth: 1979

Seventh: 1973?

Eighth: Mid 70's

Ninth: Mid 70ís

Tenth: 1978

Eleventh 1971

Driver:   Mert Hulbert

Photo Contributed by:  

Top: Bob Simpson

Second: Bobby Ely

Third: Krusj

Fourth: Bobby Ely

Fifth: Joel F. Naprstek 

Sixth: Arnie Ainsworth

Seventh: Charlie Parise

Eighth: Arnie Ainsworth

Ninth Photo: Mitch Lester

Tenth Photo: Steve Lloyd

Eleventh Photo: Aintgotime4this

Photo Credits: 

Top: Unknown

Second: Ely Photos

Third: Ely Photo

Fourth: Ely Photo

Fifth: Joel F. Naprstek

Sixth: Arnie Ainsworth

Seventh: Unknown

Eighth: Arnie

Ninth Photo: Unknown

Tenth Photo: Steve Lloyd

Eleventh Photo: Hertica Photo

The Back Story:

Top Photo: Mert in a Bruce Carman owned coupe with a Devil's Bowl Speedway sticker on the door.

Second Photo: Mert with his immaculate #1.  Take a look at the nose piece, they had the aerodynamics figured out back then, this crude piece of workmanship, while effective Iím sure, is very similar to the big front nose pieces that Olsen started putting on their early 90 wide bodied cars.

Third Photo: Mert Hulbert pictured in the always immaculate Kennedy 8ís

Fourth Photo: Mert Hulbert in the hard to reach Lebanon Valley victory lane with the always immaculate Kennedyís towing #8.  Take a look at his crew chief Jocko Marterer who could still use that photo for his present day drivers license.

Fifth Photo: An interesting shot of Mert Hulbert coming out of turn four from Joel, who didnít get out to LV too often, being a northern Jersey boy, but took this fantastic shot of Socks in what he thinks was the last Kennedy coupe,and possibly the last St. Germain Kennedy 8.

Sixth Photo: Mert at speed on the Moody Mile.

Seventh Photo: Mert ďSocksĒ Hulbert putting the Kennedy 8 through itís paces at the legendary Syracuse Mile.

Eighth Photo: Another shot of the Kennedy 8.

Ninth Photo: Ho Hum, just another gorgeous Kennedyís Garage #8, wrenched by the still active Jocko Marterer.

Tenth Photo:  Mert always had great rides, and the 2h team was no exception.

Eleventh Photo:  Bruce Carmenís 23 drew quite a crowd on this early spring day at LV, hard to make out behind the #23 is among others, Goober, Carmen, Uncle Art, & Dirk VanOrt

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