Year:  1970, 1971,1972 & 1976
Driver: Lou Kurtzner
Photo Contributed by: Scott Kurtzner Photo Credits: Kurtzner Family
The Back Story:

The first picture is a photo Scott K sent of his Dad, from 1970, when Lou was the pilot of the mighty cool family owned #221.

2nd is from the winter of 1971, the making of the next ride for the upcoming season.

3rd photo is the end of 1972, and Scott isnít sure who is at the controls of the 221, but that is father who is all to familiar to those at the speedway standing next to the car. (as Scott points out, not the dude in the glasses.)

4th photo is the epitome of all the years of hard work, the Kurtzner 76 in victory lane on June 12th, 1976 with Mike Ehring at the controls


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