Year:  1978
Driver:   Link Pettit Jr
Photos Contributed by:  

Top Photo: Link Pettit Jr.

Second: John Gallant Jr.

Photo Credits: 

Top Photo: Unknown

Second: John Gallant Jr.

The Back Story:

TopPhoto: 2nd Generation throttle jockey Link Pettit readies himself aboard his gorgeous #15 coupe to try his luck on the highbanks in what I assume was early in his career.

Second Photo: Super Dirt Week 80 was anything but super for Link Petit Jr. This picture is the end result of his week ending early in a nasty set of Barrel rolls going into turn 3 during a warm-up session. John heard from Link, and John relayed the info from Link about what happened that day,

On backstretch going into three, I moved up a groove and ran over Vincent Prentice's left front. Then all I saw was blue sky and the track."



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