Year:  Top 1973, Second 1975 Third 1975

Top: From left to right,

Jimmy Corellis, Kenny Shoemaker and Tom Corellis.



Eddie Jones.



Kenny Coon



Tom Corellis


Photo Contributed by:  

Top: Bobby Ely

Second: Mark Labrum

Third: Mark LaBrum

Fourth: Aintgotime4this


Photo Credits:  

Top: Chuck Ely

Second: Unknown

Third: Unknown

Fourth: Unknown


The Back Story:

The top photo:

You always knew when the Leto 50s were in town.  We could use a little help with the driver of the first 50.

The most confusing pictures weve received to date here at LVC. These would make some great Trivia questions. What we have is no doubt these are; or once were Leto 50s.

Update: Arnie Ainsworth tell us it is Jimmy Corellis.


The Second photo:

It was suggested to Me this car Joe Leto may have sold, thus truly opening up a wide array of possibilities to who is the pilot in this car for a Syracuse race. Common sense says it must be a top notch shoe, as by the way the Syracuse stands are packed; it looks like the October race. Also, Bobby Bottcher is starting on the outside, so the qualifying spot appears to be a good one. One observer thinks it may be les Alberti in the car, but after a closer look at the driver, I dont think this is the case.

Update: Arnie Ainsworth and Link Petit tell us it is Eddie Jones.

Update:The driver in the photo at Syracuse is Ed "Parnelli" Jones. Thanks, Link Pettit Jr.


The Third Photo:

This certainly looks like Kenny Coon..but when in the hell did He ever drive a Leto 50? Maybe a one race deal at Fonda? If anyone can shed more light on these pictures, wed love to hear from You, and well put all the correspondences in the additional comments bracket.

Update: Arnie Ainsworth tell us that Win Slavin shared this ride and that Mike Grabac drove it at Syracuse.


The Fourth Photo:

This car was built to replace the car sold to Joe Leto, which became the #50 Gremlin  driven so successfully by Tommy Corellis during the 1973/1974 seasons. That Leto Gremlin had been built by Bob Rossell for his own use, but apparently, Leto made him an offer for the car that he couldn't refuse.






Additional Comments:  

team leto 50a coach jimmy corellis 50 pinto shoemaker 50 gremlin t.c. 1973 2nd photo is eddie jones at sycuse third is ken coons 1975 split time with win slavin. also mike grabac drove this at sycuse. i have all pics thanks arnie

Update: The driver in the photo at Syracuse is Ed "Parnelli" Jones. Thanks, Link Pettit Jr.


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