Year:  Top: 1974 Second: 1978 Third: 1977
Driver:   Les Alberti


Photo Contributed by: 

Top Photo: Krusj

Second Photo: LV Vault

Third Photo: John Gallant Jr.

Photo Credits:  

Top Photo: Ely Photo

Second Photo: LV Concession

Third Photo: Unknown

The Back Story:

Top Photo: I couldnít wait to get a picture of this unbelievably beautiful #473 creation of Les Alberti from 1974.I donít want to put words on this page that I canít back 100% up, but I think for as good looking as this car was, it was nothing but problems.A profile chassis, it looks to be that the chassis was utilizing a low center point of gravity, as the fuel cell is about as low as it can go, and the engine also looks to be mounted inches shorter than usual, especially for back in 1974.I heard stories about the demise of this car, and with Lesterís penchant for having a slight temper, I tend to lean on the side of believing it. However, without enough info, Iíll keep that to myself until I hear otherwise.

Second Photo: Lester chalks up another win in his all to famous 473.  Personally, I donít think the exhaust pipe is long enough. Would Al Schwinning approve?

Third Photo: Looks an awful lot like Dickie Larkin scoping out the Alberti fabricated #473 in the background.

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