Year:  1968,  Early 70's, 1959, 1964, Late 60's, 1979, and we think 2 BC. (How old is Butch)? Many have dates in the text.
Driver:   Larry Faulkner
Photos Contributed by:  Larry Faulkner Jr. Photo Credits: 

Top Photo: Ely Photos

Other Photos: Faulkner Family

The Back Story: 

Top Photo: LVC visitor Larry Faulkner Jr. wanted to share this picture of his pop Larry Faulkner Sr and a behind the scene look at Larry’s legacy at Lebanon Valley. 

“This is a photo of my dad Larry Faulkner with the John DeBell #53 sportsman coupe around 1968. That's Big John DeBell walking behind the car and I believe Iliff Schattney of East Chatham standing in front of the car by Ron Mensing’s #65.  Larry drove for John DeBell earlier in the 60's with school bus yellow #35 coupes.  John owned a pair of them with Stubby Roe driving the other.  This photo was taken by Chuck Ely. My Brother Steven and Bob Ely dug this up a few years ago.

Larry raced with two of his brother-in-laws Jim Hassen, and Fearless Fuzzy Fosby.  Also Dee Goodermote was Larry's Uncle.  The old family tradition of racing at LV has been handed down to other family members such as Brain, Doug, and DJ Faulkner, Wes Powell, Ricky and Loyd Fosby. I can remember going to the Valley in the early 60's watching likes of Stretch Van Steenburg, who was our family insurance man. I can recall as a small lad the bleachers shaking like crazy as people would stomp their feet and cheer for him!”

Second Photo: This is a photo of driver Larry Faulkner sitting on the nerf bar with Skippy Grant who built the car.

My brother seems to think that Skippy sold this car to Mike King “The Kingfish” as his first car.

Larry Faulkner Jr.

Third Photo: From the old Rt. 66 speedway (you can still see the outline of the track from the highway) a picture of Larry aboard his self owned #7-11 

Larry Faulkner Jr.

Fourth Photo: A lot of cool saying lettered on the car, an ad for some auto body shop, “You bend them, we mend them” and the cars name I assume, “Hell on Wheels”.*

Larry Faulkner Jr.

*Hot Rods idiotic observations, not Larry Jr.’s

Fifth Photo: Here’s a pre-race shot of Larry Faulkner getting ready to shoe the #131 car owned by Ralph Chittenden and maintained by Eddie Waters.  The car utilized Lincoln Flat head for power after all the success Martin Riiska had with the Flat Heads.

Larry Faulkner Jr. w/ contributions from Tim Mooney

Sixth Photo: This is Larry Faulkner in the Terry Bingham #140 in 1979, this car was a former John Maxon #0 car.  The car was eventually sold to Don Sweet and racer Pat Sweeney, which they used for parts.

 I was a senior in high school going to the Valley every Saturday night and working out of Terry and Judy Bingham garage almost every night on the way home from work.  After working on the #140, Dad and I would stop by Eddie Waters’ garage to have a beer with him and the gang.  Dad and Eddie go way back.  Dad drove a midget for Eddie in the early 60's racing several nights a week.  One would drive to the track and the other would drive home.

Larry Faulkner Jr.

Seventh Photo: This is a picture of Butch Jelley tempting fate by driving Larry Faulkner Sr.s midget in this undated photo. That’s big Larry standing directly behind Butch with his hand on the ambulance (probably didn’t want that thing getting too far away given the safety of the midgets back then )*

Larry Faulkner Jr.

*Those are the words of Hot Rod, Not Larry Jr.

Eighth Photo: From 1963,  picture was taken at my Grandfather’s house, quite a few miles from the Speedway.

Larry Faulkner Jr

Ninth Photo: My Fathers car at LV, August, 1963

Larry Faulkner Jr.

Tenth Photo: This picture from Nov. 1967 of the yellow #35 was out of East Chatham, and owned by John DeBell.  This car was preceded the black and white #35 Larry for John the previous year.

Larry Faulkner Jr.

Eleventh Photo: Larry Faulkner with the Bingham #140.  My Dad wasn’t driving for Terry back in 1970, but must have been filling in for Terry’s regular shoe on this night.

Larry Faulkner Jr.

Twelfth Photo: This is Terry Bingham’s car being readied to be Flat Towed out to LV for the first time in May 1979.

Larry Faulkner Jr.



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