Year: 1972 Era
Driver:   Larry Badaracco
Photo Contributed by:

Joe & Leslie Friscia

Photo Credits:

Joe & Leslie Friscia

The Back Story: 

Here is a photo of a young Larry Badaracco from Danbury, CT. running in the sportsman class at the Valley.

I have to believe the photo is from 1972 era.  Larry and Dennis Dickens owned the car. Dennis once said he picked the number 156 because his hero had been Ernie Marshall, and no one other than Ernie should ever be allowed to run #56!

Larry went on to run with limited success at the Danbury Racearena and later at Mok-A-Tek and Accord.

You might remember him running the 17L cars.


Additional Comments:  Our thanks to Joe for the picture and the bio of “Bad Ass Badaracco

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