Top Photo: 1990, Second Photo: 1984, Third Photo: Mid 80s, Fourth Photo: 1986/87 Fifth Photo: 1981

Driver:   John Hewitt
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Top Photo: Anonymous

Second Photo: Chalmitty B

Third Photo: Bobby Ely

Fourth Photo: Chalmitty B

Fifth Photo: John Gallant Jr.

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Top Photo: Unknown

Second Photo: Matt Buda

Third Photo: Unknown

Fourth Photo: Unknown

Fifth Photo: John Gallant Jr.

The Back Story:

Top Photo: John Hewitt does his part to support his sponsors and Lebanon Valley as his always beautiful Midnight Blue Express 24 makes the rounds at another early season car show.

Second Photo: Some of the best equipment back in the 80ís belonged to John Hewitt and his Midnight Blue Express rides.  John does battle with another longtime Valley fave Maynard in his always fast Queenís Machine 78ís. 

Third Photo: My guess is that this shot from the Moody mile of John Hewitt in his not so Midnight Blue Express is from 1985, but as usually, I can be, and probably am wrong.

Fourth Photo: John Hewiit, circa 1986 (my guess) with an Olsen Chassied Midnight Blue Express.John was a supporter of the Troyer mounts, even having the Troyer dist. Through Jumpin Jacks Speed, but opted for the hotter Olsen modified this particular year.

Fifth Photo: This is Johnís first ride, his first night out, the 1981 LV race of Kings.As John Gallant pointed out, it sure looks like an former Claude Hoard car, but I always thought Johnís first rig was a former Donnie Ackner car???

Anyhoo, Mr. Hewitt, as most people first time out in anything, especially a Big Block, didnít make the gris for the RoK, matter of fact, hereís the rundown from that night in í81, how John fared and what the competition did:

1981 Race of Kings was on October 3.  He ran in the modified portion of the Race of Kings. He started in 11th place of 13 starters in heat #1. He did not finish in the top 6 positions. John started in 12th of 12  starters in Consolation "A". He did not finish in the top 5 finishers. John did not qualify for the modified feature.

And the rest of the night went as follows:

Modified top 5 finishers: 1. Dickie Larkin #3,  2. Win Slavin #53,  3. Bruce Curtis #19,  4. Ed San Soucie #66,  5. Don Ackner #97

 320 Modified top 5 finishers:  1. Dickie Larkin #57,  2. Denny Young #12,  3. Tom Mayberry #16J,  4. Jim Parslow #74,  5. Eddie Marshall #98.



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