Year:  1977, 1976
Owner:   John Hotchkiss #123 & “Big Daddy” Bruce Berger #26
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Top: Hotrod

Second: John Gallant Jr.

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Top: Superstar Review Racing Program

Second: John Gallant Jr.

The Back Story: 

Top Photo: A mix up in turns one and two resulted in John Hotchkiss knocking the nostrils right off his Vega station wagon, a few other things.  The other was don’t mess with the #26, as the heavy Britz/Krietz chassis Berger will tear your ride up, and if memory serves me right, this altercation ended with Big Daddy’s finger poking Hotchkiss’s chest.

Years later, John Hotchkiss made a return to the Valley in his under funded #17 sportsman car, but pulled off one of the classes biggest upsets when he scored his only Sportsman win back on July 3rd 1999, certainly winning one for the little guys.

Second Photo: All you can say is the guy spent a looong time at LV, this coach was from 1976.  Really loved racing, John did.


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