Year:  Late 60's, 1980, 1981, 1982
Driver:   John Buehler
Contributed by:

Top Photo: Bobby Ely

Second Third and Fourth Photos: John Buehler Jr.

Photo Credits:  

Top Photo: Ely Photo

Second Third and Fourth Photos: Unknown

The Back Story:

Top Photo: I never realized who the driver of this #77 was until it was brought to my attention. I always had associated John Buehler as a mini-stock driver, and a good one at that. John was successful in his mini-stock #5s and 24s if I have the numbers right. Also in the picture is somebody many at LV are familiar with, Frank Ingoldsby. Frank was a regular at LV for eons, helping his step son Tony Ferriero run successfully in both the SS and sportsman division in his familiar #52s.

Second Third and Fourth Photos: John Jr. saw his Dad on our site and sent in these various gems of Srs. mini stocks from the early 80s to share with the LVC faithful. John (and his brother Scott) wrote in to the LVC staff (2) that his Dad is alive and doing well living Cadiz KY and that Father & Son still attend the races at Clarksville Speedway in Clarksville TN, and venture out to three or 4 Sprint Cup races a year.

We are grateful to hear from them and give us the updates on a Longtime Valley favorite.



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