Driver:   Joe Friscia
Photo Contributed by:   Joe Friscia Photo Credits:   Joe Friscia
The Back Story:

I purchased this car over the summer and I have been told it was built in the mid '80s by Dexter Dorr. Can you put these photos up on your LVC site under special request to see if anyone remembers the car? I want to get it back to original... Joe

Joe, I can tell you with almost 100% confidence, this car as it is in your pic was driven by Sput Shaw at Malta and Devils bowl.  We can put it up, ya never know, but just being around these cars and owning them all my life,  itís hard to track a car now based on straight aluminum bodies, no definition to them to make them recognizable to others....Hotrod

Can anyone help Joe?

Thanks LVC crowd.



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