Year:  1991
Driver:   Joe Fachini Mystery Driver #2
Photo Contributed by:   Anonymous Photo Credits:   Instamatic
The Back Story:

Joe Fachini of North Adams poses next to this fast looking Daytona bodied #128.  Joe was a regular in the newly formed Sportsman division at LV back in the late 80ís and early 90ís. Joe was a strong runner, and was always a threat to win, but was never able to grab that elusive first checkered flag.

This car, an original Olsen Chassis, which had a Bobby Hearn Teo Fab Dodge Daytona body on it before Bobby was making adjustments to Olsen Chassis' and calling them his own.  Joe bought this roller chassis off of Chris Barger, an Orange County regular, who, like most Southern NY and Northern NJ competitors, had Hearn use his fine craftsmanship to fabricate his unique tin work.

A small sampling of other customers who had the same Dodge Daytona Tin work from Bobby Hearn were: Bryan Goewey/Ross 44, Brett Hearn #20, Billy Pauch #126.


Additional Comments:

Dougie Olds of Hinsdale MA had the best guess: it a Fachini? Is that the old Bryan Goewey / Adam Ross car? looks like the same body style.


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