Year:  1972 and 1960's
Driver:   Joe Messina
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Top Photo: Jim Farren

Second Photo: Bill

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Top Photo: Ely Photo

Photo: Unknown

The Back Story: 

Top Photo: Joe Messina used to race primarily asphalt at Pine Bowl and Empire Raceway (Menands).  In the beginning of his career, Joe had a yellow & blue #13.  He raced a Hudson for 'POP'  Green  # 317.

Most of his dirt racing took place at the Valley in Ken Tremont’s #115 , after Ken Goodermote moved on.  Did some races in maroon #50’s and 13's, one was was owned by Joe Leto.  Possibly even the first car Leto had.   As usual Uncle Art had a nick name for Joe, and his was ''Little Joe from Kokomo”.

 Joe won a track championship at Devils Bowl in 1970 ( driving for Tremont’s) some say he never got paid for it because the next season Devils Bowl went asphalt, is anybody shocked???

Just like that, Joe was gone from the racing scene.......We often wonder why?  He was that good...........

Second Photo: “I used to help Joe Messina at his old gas station in rensselaer I got to know him and helped him build this 40 Hudson with a Caddy motor, full race and had 6 carb's in this pic. The car was built for the open comp races the valley held twice a month. Money problems caused Joe to eventually sell the car. This time was special to me, as I am the kid looking in the passengers side window.”




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