Year:  1985, 1982?
Driver:   Jeff Heath
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Top Photo: Anonymous

Second Photo: John Gallant Jr.

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Top Photo: Anonymous

Second Photo: John Gallant Sr.

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Mystery Driver #30

Gentleman Jeff Heath from Huntington, MA poses next to his 358 modified before the evening festivities back in 1985.  Jeff moved up from the mini stock division and purchased this car from Russ Blake, a car which was the old Black and Orange #29, to make his move up into the 358 class.  When the class was all but disbanded, Jeff moved over to the sportsman class, where he was always competitive, scoring a big victory on May 15th, 1987.

Jeff and his family are still a big part of Lebanon Valley, from father Earl, to wife Sharon, who’s no stranger to having some fun, helps out with the Kids programs at the Valley.

Second Photo: Moving out of the Mini Stock division rose Jeff with this creation to double his fun and run with 8 cylinders instead of 4.

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