Year:  1974, Early 73, 1973, 1973, 1973, 1973 and about 1970.
Driver:   Jackie Wilson
Photo Contributed by:

Top: Krusj

Second Photo: Aintgotime4this

Third Photo: Aintgotime4this

Fourth Photo: Aintgotime4this

Fifth Photo: Aintgotime4this

Sixth Photo: Aintgotime4this

Seventh Photo: Debbie Frusciente

Photo Credits:

Top Photo: Krusj

Second Photo: Hertica Photo

Third Photo: Hertica Photo

Fourth Photo: Hertica Photo

Fifth Photo: Hertica Photo

Sixth Photo: Hertica Photo

Seventh Photo: Chuck Ely?

The Back Story:

Top Photo: Many associate Whistliní Jackie Wilson with the familiar 16ís, but this car had a bigger impact on his racing than anything else possible.This 52 was the car Jackie Wilson was involved in an accident at Rolling Wheels with Frank Mears that forever changed his life.After the initial contact, Jackieís fuel cell exploded into a ball of flames, burning Jackie over a tremendous amount of his body before they could extricate him from the car.While Iím no expert at all on the situation (I was all of 4 or 5 years old) I do believe after the recovery, Jackie found God and spent his time spreading the word of the good lord.

Second Photo: This is the Joe Lawrence #16 built during the Winter of '71-'72, which enjoyed such a successful 1972 season at the hands of Jackie Wilson. It would later become the #152 Limited Sportsman of Jeff Fluery in 1974.

Third: Hereís a picture that is pure gold, a 1973 photo of Jackie Wilson with Uncle Art, a member of the Kenny Coon crew known as "Bull", and two other fellows who are a mystery to me. They are checking out the front end of the Joe Lawrence #16. The curiosity with this car is that it was built with a narrowed Ford F-150 Twin-I-Beam front axle. It was a "Nightmare" which was soon replaced with a traditional beam axle.


Mr. aintgotime4this

The fourth is a photo of Jackie with Ralph Moody of Holman/Moody, NASCAR Fame. He had been flown in for the weekend to help dial in the #16 with some newly-installed suspension components provided by Holman/Moody.


The fifth is a photo of the #16 built new for the 1973 season. Jackie is at the wheel of the car and Moody is in the background at the rear window of the car. Some of the crew are in the background with their backs to the camera.

I can identify Pete Jackson, (tallest,-white T-shirt), Ricky, (gold shirt) and Joey Lawrence, (shortest,-red T-shirt).



The sixth is Jackie Wilson and Gerald Chamberlain from 1973, @, I believe, Rolling Wheels.


The seventh was Jackie's first ride in a stock car and was initially (small block Chevy in photo) powered by a turbocharged 300 CI Ford 6 Cyl. truck engine. That turbocharger created a distinctive high-pitched whine  which became the motivation for Uncle Art Stuarts to nickname him "Whistlin' Jackie Wilson"

For the sake of accuracy, Jackie was not the first pilot of that coach, nor was the Ford Six its first powerplant, but that's another story.




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