Year:  1978, 1974, 1978, Late 1975
Driver:   Jumpin' Jack Johnson


Photo Contributed by: 

Top: LV Vault

Second: Krusj

Third: Bobby Ely

Fourth: Bobby Ely

Photo Credits:  

Top: LV Concession

Second: Unknown

Third: Chuck Ely Photos

Fourth: Chuck Ely Photos

The Back Story: 

Top: As a kid I remember Jack being snake bit in this car, leading numerous races until finally popping the champagne on August 26th, 1978 for his first ever Lebanon Valley Speedway victory.

Second: Jumpin Jack Johnson readies for what was probably a special event at Lebanon Valley back in 1974.  Race cars didn’t come much better looking than this one.   

Third: 1978 and Howie (shown on the right with a ear to ear grin) had coaxed longtime Fonda regular Jumpin’ Jack to become a Valley regular.  After many strong runs that year, it took Jack until the end of the season, August 28th to be exact, to finally record his first ever career LV win.

Fourth: Bobby Ely was excited to find this picture of his Dad and Jack Johnson.  Bobby remember this night well, the picture was taken at Devils Bowl after the 1975 Syracuse Qualifier.  Jack had won the 100 lapper, and Chuck was 2nd.  However, Jack already had a guaranteed spot thus handing the preferred qualified status over to Chuck.  Devils Bowl was one of the tracks that didn’t offer a guaranteed spot but were able to award “preferred” starter for the big one on the Moody Mile.  The difference was guaranteed was just that, show up and you were in the show, but preferred only meant you had to do two things:

1:  Show up

2:  To get in the show, you had to time trial at least a second faster than the slowest time trailer

I remember when Beech Ridge speedway in Maine was a dirt track that ran asphalt modifieds had a Syracuse Qualifier, and the tracks representative, in his low slung Mod tried to crack the field, but wasn’t fast enough and didn’t make the grid.

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