Year:  1973
Driver:   Inky Baldwin
Photo Contributed by:  John Gallant Jr. Photo Credits:  Gallant Family
The Back Story:

Seriously nice looking coupe out of the Baldwin stable. Former parts truck owner Gary Cross had these interesting stories of the Baldwin Brothers:

He and brother Teddy always ran # 47 or 147. I saw this car many times in the garage next to Battery Mart in Troy. This was 1966 - 68. Story about Baldwin's, one was running and winning at Pine Bowl in 1966, its last year of operation. No advertising, just word of mouth "We're Racing". We, Karl Haeussel and crew, were going to go race there. When we found out winner got $150 and nobody else got paid, we thought better of going. Baldwin's (one of them) was last winner on that track.

Gary Cross.

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