Year:  Top 19?? Second 1972ish Third 1973? Fourth Mid 70's Fifth Photo: Early 70's Sixth: Late 60's Early 70's
Driver:   “Haywire” Harry Hughes
Photos Contributed by:  

Top Photo: Bobby Ely

Second Photo: Bobby Ely

Third Photo: Charlie Parise

Fourth Photo:  Michael & Mark Raspuzzi

Fifth Photo: Arnie Ainsworth

Sixth Photo: Bobby Ely

Photo Credits:  

Top Photo: Chuck Ely

Second Photo: Chuck Ely

Third Photo: Jane Parise

Fourth Photo:  Ely Photo/LV concessions

Fifth Photo: Arnie

Sixth Photo: Chuck Ely

The Back Story: 

Top Photo: Big fan favorite Harry Hughes is being chased by a fellow Southern Berkshire MA pilot Jim Schneider in this early 70’s racing action.


Second Photo:  Fan favorite, Mystery Driver #62, Haywire Harry Hughes scores a victory in the then titled limited sportsman division.  I always wondered why Haywire was called, well “Haywire”.  A anonymous, yet very well informed LVC visitor filled us in on the story as he remembers it going down.

 “The story starts with a man named “Haywire” Harry Barnes, who owned stock cars in the 50s most popularly numbered 77R. Each car had a picture of thee “HAYWIRE HARRY” painted on the doors. He was a character, a car salesman for Peter Motors at 645 East street in Pittsfield. With the new L.V. opening in the spring of 1957, Harry put together a full blown modified with a RED RAM dodge overhead v8 to compete with the cars from Fonda and Stateline. The driver may have been Bill Armstrong..(not too sure of that)  but eventually owned a ‘37 Plymouth, which would end up being Jimmy Langenback’s  first  Modified ride, a blue and white #45.

When Harry Hughes came upon the scene in the mid 60s Uncle Art Stuart saw the resemblance of Harry Hughes and Harry Barnes, both were handsome and had well trimmed mustaches. Uncle Art (as he usually did as a rule) gave Hughes the nick name of “HAYWIRE” HARRY HUGHES !

It was fitting and it stuck, and hence, a legend was born!”

Third Photo:  Fan favorite Haywire blasting out of turn 4 during the evening pre-race warm-ups.

Fourth Photo: Michael Raspuzzi sends in this picture of Haywire celebrating a win at LV in a car that we’re sure his father Denny had a hand in sending him to victory lane.

Fifth Photo: Had to love the old coaches and coupes….sure do miss those days.

Sixth: Really great picture capturing a young and handsome Haywire aboard a car one veteran driver thought may have been associated with the Early Delmolino years,  which would make sense since they were a tight bunch down there in Southern Berkshire County MA.


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