Year:  Late 70's and 1978
Driver:   Gregg Massini
Photo Contributed by:  

Top: Brian Berger

Second Photo: Steve Lloyd

Photo Credits: 

Top: Unknown

Second Photo: Steve Lloyd

The Back Story:

 Top: I was hoping to see some pics of one of my favorite cars from the sportsman division of the late 70ís, that of Gregg Massini.Gregg always had sharp equipment, as this photo shows.Massini was an extremely strong runner and one just one of many hot shoes out of the Southern Berkshire town of Sheffield, MA.Gregg owned and operated Massini Bus Co, inc. on Rt. 7A in Sheffield, MA back then, and still does to this day.

Second: I always love pictures like this one of Greg Massini and his great looking #19.The reason why is all the stuff going on in the background.You have Barry Cone and crew awaiting the nights festivities.This was before you could leave your truck and trailer in the pits due to the abundance of cars.

Also in the picture is 3 Spectator Division cars packing the track in.Going by my old trusty program,they are:

#13-Lou Cardella.#94- Dave Spickerman.#21-Bill Dennis.




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