Year:  1991
Driver:   Greg Clark in the 314
Photo Contributed by:  Hotrod Photo Credits:   Kustom Keepsakes
The Back Story:

Mystery Driver #28

Greg Clark out of East Chatham, NY was the pilot of this very good looking Billy Miner crafted #314.Greg was a top runner in the sportsman division, capturing 2 wins in the 1990 season and was in the hunt all season long in í91 for the sportsman points championship.Like many, Greg dreamed of bigger and better things, and took a shot down south in the Busch series.Greg held his own, and I believe he qualified 7th fastest one year at Charlotte, and was looking for great things to happen, but crashed in happy hour, and was never able to make the start*.Greg seemed to have slipped away from the racing scene, but others may pipe up and tell me differently.

*Iím not standing behind that 100%, but I do think that was circumstances, or something very similar to that occurred.E-mail  if you have a more correct detail on what transpired with Gregís ventures down south or what he is up to these days.


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