Year:  1978 and 1975
Driver:   Greg Chelak
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Top: Greg Chelak

Second: Chelak Brothers Racing

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Top: Unknown

Second: Gerard Chelak

The Back Story:


We had a special request from Greg to see if any of the LVC faithful have ever seen, or more importantly, have any pictures of this particular mini stock #24 at Lebanon Valley.Greg has some personal reason to unearth a photo of this cool little buggy, as he once piloted this car at the race of kings back in 1978, the carís only LV appearance ever.The car was out of New Jersey, and even if you have a picture of this car way off in the background, Greg would appreciate you sharing it with us.We know itís a long shot, but if anybody does, please either scan and send the picture to, or contact me, and weíll find a way to get Greg the image.

Thanks LVC crowd.


Former Ron Ritter owned Bobby Bottcher driven # 666 Coupe Photographed by Gerard Chelak at OCFS 1975Now owned by Chelak Brother Racing # 990 from Washingtonville, New York and Driven by Greg Chelak. The Team made the tow to the valley for a couple of mid - week shows that were called by weather and didn't get a chance to "Hammer the High Banks"!




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