Year:  Early 1980ís, 1991
Driver:   George Marcus
Photos Contributed by:  

Joe & Leslie Friscia

Photos Credits:  

 top photo John Libby Photo

2nd Kustom Keepsakes

The Back Story:

I thought with the majority of the race car blocked, and the drivers face covered with a smiley face, weíd have stumped many for this weeks Mystery Driver, but I didnít, however I would have gotten away it if it wasnít for Georgeís meddling brother Robbie also being in the picture.

The Brothers Marcus proved to be quite a force to be reckoned with on the high banks of Lebanon Valley, as well as some of the most liked and respected competitors as evidenced from some of the comments we received in the e-mails identifying the troublesome twosome.George started competing at the Valley in the 70ís, but I canít for sure say which year, and found success through the 80ís in the then sportsman class, which is now the 358 class, and continued when the current sportsman class was started in the late 80ís.As these pictures dictate George won in each class, however, the tandem flourished in the present sportsman division, where George racked up an amazing 38 wins, holding the record for most wins until he retired and Art Collins eventually took over.

George still resides in Danbury Ct. and like many racers who retire from the sport, rarely visits the Lebanon valley oval.


Additional Comments:  

MD #27.

Winners: Bill Chuckta, Steve Fifield, Mike Visconti, Doug Olds, Dave Jette, Dennis Dickens, Chrissy Fifield, who said her Dad Rod wanted bonus points for correctly identifying Robbie Marcus in the picture too. Greg Rucinski, Denny Young, who also felt he should get bonus points for identifying "Robbie Marcus and his bald head to the right of the picture". and finally, Russ Blake, who totally missed the point of the picture and guessed head starter Matt Higgins and Lou Gerrain in the starters stand.


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