Year:  Late 70's Fifth: 1973
Driver:   George "Sneakers" Henderson
Photo Contributed by:  

Top Photo: Brian Berger

Second Photo: Mark Anatriello

LV Cover: John Harper

LV program insert: Tim Mooney

Fifth Photo: Dave Healey


Photo Credits:  Unknown

Fifth: Ely Photos

The Back Story: 

Top Photo: George notched his one and only LV triumph in this Hauser Bros. #5 on May 20th, 1978.  George was a real fan favorite as he wheeled a modified at LV until the early 80’s driving his own #222 before hanging up helmet for good.

Second Photo: George Henderson poses next to this unbelievably good looking coach #5.  George and the #5 team always had outstanding looking equipment, but they outdid themselves on this one, as photo contributor Mark commented… Race cars like this one, is what encouraged me to restore a coach in 1991 that I campaigned with the NEAR and STAR organizations until about 2004”.

Front cover of LV program submitted from former LV handicapper John Harper, who now resides in NC, and insert from a totally different program,  which just happened to feature Sneakers Henderson also, submitted from Tim Mooney, also in NC.

Lotta trunk space in this corvair bodied 5 that George steered for the 1973 racing season.  Looks like heavy rains had pounded the area earlier, as the pits seem a little flooded.


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