Year:  Top: 1959 Fifth: is July of 1964 Sixth: 1957 and the others are Unknown

Driver:   George Gowie


Photo Contributed by: 

Top: Dan Gowie

Second: Dan Gowie

Third: Dan Gowie

Fourth: Dan Gowie

Fifth: Dan Gowie

Sixth: Dan Gowie


Photo Credits:  

Top: Unknown

Second: Unknown

Third: Unknown

Fourth: Unknown

Fifth: Unknown

Sixth: George Gowie

The Back Story: 

Top and second: After seeing his Dad’s “Lazy 1” on Teddy Ryan’s page,  Dan took the time to scan down a few pictures in various stages of his Dad’s career.  Here’s a picture that shows just why antacid was invented, as this crash, and after effects are pictured here from July 1959.

Third Photo: Kiddie rides were always a huge hit at Lebanon valley, and George decided to do his part and pick up a few munchkin’ hitchhikers, munchkin’s who are probably either retired now, or very close to it.

Fourth Photo: George loses the handle in his #127, as Dan points out that it looks like Len Noreens #262 squeaking by on the inside.

Fifth Photo: George flashes around the speedway in this Joe Norton owned 9-x out of Rensselaer NY.


Sixth Photo: This is something my father had shared with me when I was younger.  At one time My Father and a few others had arranged to buy the Burden Lake Speedway from the guy who owned the property.  They had even given deposits on the land in April of 1957, and were in the middle of drawing up the paperwork.  That's when as I recall my father saying the gentleman died and the family wouldn't continue the sale.  I wonder if any of the other people involved have ever been on this site.

Would've been nice to have another track possibly still running around here if this deal had gone through.


~Dan Gowie


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