Year:  Late 80’s/Early 90’s
Driver:   Geoff Bodine
Photo Contributed by:   Chalmitty B Photo Credits:   Unknown
The Back Story: 

NASCAR Legend and New York native Geoffrey Bodine hooks up the life savers in what was surely a CVRA “meet the Winston Cup drivers” promotion at Bruce Richard’s Albany Saratoga Speedway, when the big boys were in town for the Watkins Glen race in August. 

Much has been written and said about Geoff’s racing career, and if you’re here looking for some of Bodine’s past history, you’re in the wrong place.  What I’m curious is about, is who is the chump in the firesuit standing next to the car looking to get an autograph from Bodine?  I may have heard something about him winning a heat race or something at LV from time to time.  Hey, we here at LVC don’t pick on you, unless we like you (and know we can). We kid because we care.



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