Year:  1952
Driver:   Gene Dayou / Owner Leo Frieri
Photo Contributed by:  

Mike Frieri

Photo Credits: 

Leo Frieri

The Back Story: 


The Stephentown Special was a 1938 Plymouth coupe powered by a Plymouth 6 cylinder flathead engine, 201 cubic inches producing 82 stock horsepower.

The driver was Gene Dayou. The mechanic was Myron Pierce from Albany Dodge.

The car was owned by my father, Leo A. Frieri, owner/operator of the nearby new car dealership, Bateman Motors, that sold Desoto, Plymouth and International Harvester pickup trucks.

The photo was taken by my father in 1952. He has owned Leo's Auto Sales, Inc., in nearby Pittsfield, Massachusetts, since 1945.
Does anyone have any pictures of our driver, Gene Dayou ?
He used to race an Oldsmobile V8 coupe, before driving the "4U."


Mike Frieri


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