Year:  1959, 19??, 1958
Driver:   "Fearless" Fuzzy Fosby
Photo Contributed by:  

Top: Larry Faulkner Jr.

Second: John Harper

Third: Bud Verge

Photo Credits: 

Top: Unknown

Second: Unknown

Third: Irv Condron

The Back Story: 

Top: The #140 is a Bob Bingham owned car, shown here in 1959 after a win by my Uncle, "Fearless” Fuzzy Fosby.

Notice the wooden rails around the high banks.  I bet they were safe, anyway, I believe that Bob Bingham welded the steel boiler plate around the entire speedway, replacing the potential toothpicks with the wall we are all familiar with around LV these days.

Larry Faulkner Jr.

Second: This must be “Fearless” Fosby’s Head Shot he sent to all the movie agents back in the day. 

Third: The start of a big one at LV 55 years ago, according to Bud.  What transpired after this shot was taken was that the #3 ended up on top of Daniel Gowey, who in turn, was crashed upon by Dee Goodermote, who landed on top of him.  If I got that correct, sounds like one hell of a brew ha-ha going on there.


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