Years:  1968, ’73 & ‘76
Driver:  Frank Hager
Photos Contributed by:   Frank Hager Photo Credits:   Frank Hager
The Back Story: 

Pictures 1 & 2 is Frank in 1968, '56 Chevy (Photos by Gary MacNamee).

Picture 3 is Frank at the Valley in '73, with '65 Barracuda Modified.  In the background is Ken Tremont Sr. with arms folded.  (Photo by track photographer).

Picture 4 is Frank at Weedsport with '76 Chevette Modified. (Photo by track photographer)  Frank ran at the Valley a few times in '76 with this car

Pictures 5 & 6 are of the Chevette getting ready to go to the track. (Photos by Ken Doucette).

 Frank Group 2          Frank at Fonda

Additional Comments:  

Thanks a boat load for all the info Frank. We here at LVC are inspired by the Men who labored hard on their machines and all the stories that go along with the trial and tribulations of competing back in the day.  We would especially love to hear from many more who raced in any capacity at the area race tracks, and love to get updates as to what’s been going on lately.

Thanks, Hot Rod


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