Year:  1960, 1962, 1964, and again, 1964
Driver:   Frank Hartman
Photo Contributed by: Bobbie and Tim Hartman Jr. Photo Credits: Bobbie Hartman
The Back Story: 

The Hartman family, steeped rich in racing history, took the time to share a few pictures of their families racing days.


Photo 1:  Frank’s very first car for Lebanon Valley back in 1960.  One thing you can probably bank on, is that Frank and company built that car with their own two hands, no picking up the phone and ordering parts back then.

Photo 2:  Frank’s 2nd ride in May 1962, the number 991, complete with number on door, exhaust pipe and nickname lettered above the number, “Bumie”, making her officially ready to race.

Photo 3:  Frank takes a break from thrashing on the car to pose next to his #111 in the spring of 1964.  However, the #111 didn’t stay that way long because…

Photo4:  Halfway through the 1964 campaign, Frank repainted and renumbered the car to the Navy blue #22a shown here.  Frank looks to mean business as he heads out to the speedway in the correct attire for the day, a t-shirt and bubble shield, the necessities of a successful racing career back then!


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