Year:  Pre 1970
Driver:   Ernie #834 and William #835 Albright
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Arnie Ainsworth

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The Back Story: 

 Arguably the most controversial picture we have put up on LVC since we posted pictures of Miss LVC at the 2010 Mardi Gras.  The pictures were labeled as Ernie and William Albright, but everybody insisted it was Chuck Irving who famously drove the #834.  After the owner of the Pics verified that he spoke with William & that it was indeed the Brothers behind the wheel of the cars.  It was also confirmed that the Albright’s Garage owned the #834’s that Chuck Irving later drove.  Through the research of a trusty LVC visitor, Aintgotime4this, he came across this pretty nifty web page for Albright’s garage, which is still going on strong in Hannacroix, NY.


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