Year:  1971/72?
Driver:   Donny Antolik
Photo Contributed by:  

Top Photo: Bobby Ely

Second Photo: Jack Farquhar

Photo Credits: 

Top Photo: Chuck Ely

Second Photo: Unknown

The Back Story: 

Top Photo: Mystery Driver #71. And we do emphasize the word Mystery.

This mystery driver was so tough, we even stumped ourselves.  How could we be so careless, how could such a thing happen you ask?  Easy,  we have a limited supply of material left, I put the picture up knowing the LVC crowd would certainly know the identity of this driver, after all LVC regular Russ Blake’s car is in the background, he parks next to them,  he’d know for sure.  Well, my plan worked to perfection, as multiple LVC faithfuls chimed in with the same answer, problem is, their same answer “Jack Farquhar” was incorrect.  How do we know? 

Second Photo: Jack himself wrote in to say he drove that car for Vince Barbuto, but that isn’t him and he has no clue who it was.  Jack sent in a picture of himself with the #22, and you can see,  it’s clearly not Jack in our MD photo.

Russ Blake identified the Driver as neither Jack Farquhar, or George Henderson, who also drove the car.  Big help Russ.

Finally, Al Kugler wrote in to tell us that the driver of the 22 is Donnie Antolik. He was a charging driver on the pavement at Albany Saratoga and was hired by Vince Barbuto to drive his car.

Thanks Al.

Dave Rodrigues added that in the second photo next to Jack in the pits is Will Cagle's #24 and next to that is the #39 driven by Al the  TAZ.



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